Plant This

Plant this love like a seed

Deep within, swallow your feelings

Then my turnip love I will feed

And Sprout up past the ceilings.


Leave your heart in this empty jar

Collecting dust in my indifference

I’ll keep it near the top to cover my scar

Yawning and gasping at the entrance—


Slap a smile on your pretty face

Or I’ll put one there for you.

Water the weeds in the yellow vase

Your violet love turns me black and blue.

Flop Like a Fish

Living in that pineapple down below
He smiles and giggles and acts a fool
With his goofy goober pal we all know

A starfish friend who likes to drool
Grab a Krabby Patty, dig in like a slob
At the Krusty Krab, the deep sea jewel

With squid, snail, squirrel and a blob
With Plankton and Karen and Pearl
And a squarepants-sponge named Bob


Your lips are my salvation:
My breath of life.
Your eyes are the ocean
I am swimming in.
Your arms are my solace:
My protection from the storm.
Your heart is the window to my soul.
Your love is my intoxication:
I drink you in and am lost in your flood.


Your love is a rose,

Gentle and pristine

Drip drop drip, my heart

Dangl’ng from a string.


You will get better

Just let me console

Let help me love you

And make you feel whole


Icarus’ wax melts

Into the green sea

Small restless feathers

floating aimlessly.


You can’t get better

With all that control

Your pushing me out

Your love has grown cold.


Not sure what to title this one…This one like most of my poems doesn’t quite feel done. What are some suggestions for titles? Thanks for reading!

Bird Bath

Little broken bird with your little broken wing

Please stop your tears, the salt will only sting

And cause you more pain. Take a deep breath,

Come here sweet dove, let me give you everything.


To be continued…

Parenting 101

Because your face will stay that way forever

Yes, Santa ate the cookies and drank the milk!

Because you will catch your death of a cold

Yes, he stops time so he can make it down all the chimneys.

Because it will stunt your growth if you drink it

Yes, the Easter bunny hid all those eggs.

Because you will get a stomach ache if you swim now

Yes, she found your tooth and left you this money.

Because the gum will stay in your stomach for years and years

Yes, that is the real Mickey Mouse…

The Last Kiss

Apologies fall from your cruel mouth like leaves

Brittle and dead in the midst of autumn. The tree is left

Bare and fruitless like your empty I’m sorrys.

Open another and fall down to the bottom

Of one more bottle. Your rootless love leaves me in

Tears that my eyes can no longer produce. Your voice is foreign:

Numb as the chilling air that escapes your lips.

I hear you say goodbye. The words clanking and clamoring

In my ears, I spit the word back out at you like a sickness

Leaving my gut. Sip, swallow, gulp. I will fly this place.

Vapid promises, empty immensity—

“O heavy lightness, serious vanity,

Misshapen chaos of well-seeming forms!

Feather of lead, bright smoke, cold fire, sick health,

Still-waking sleep.” Yes, Romeo, that is what this is.

With your back turned in the distance, whispers of your goodbye

Fall to the floor as new-sprung, formless good intentions fill this room

And the empty places of my heart with hope. Sip. Sip. Stop.


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