Love’s Radiance Revealed


My love for you beams through my essence
Shining into the heavens so brilliantly
You might have seen it and mistaken it for the sun





The Soul’s Affinity for Another

My heart quickens each time you call my name.
I am rapt by your honeyed voice —
Your words, etched into my very being, your
Celestial essence stamped on the spindling
Fibers of my soul. Your love is an inescapable
Pillowed prison of pleasure
And pain – Oh Glorious Elation! Take me
In your arms, pour out your sweet empyreal kisses
That I might drink in your divinity and become
Glorified, becoming incorruptly one —
Becoming whole. Come with me among
The glittering clouds of my love for you.
Wonder in awe and amazement,
As we gaze at the stardusted passion
Of our shared desires,
Of our shared adoration,
Of our shared love
Tis the purest, fiercest form
of cosmic veracity to behold.



I’ve been told I have an unquenchable spirit,

But I hold on to the blissful hope that one day

I will be filled and made resplendently whole.





Of Strings and Stardust


The strings call to my soul
stronger than words could ever elicit.
The mingling transcendent cosmic flavors —
salted by my tears and compelled
by your crashing waves
on the shores of my inability
to know my own heart
to decipher her needs
and control her defiant inclinations
of passionate longing –
“Move me! Make me feel!” She demands.
The strings acquiesce, inciting floods
of serene turbulence – night’s glorious
celestial embrace. My heart beats
to the heightened rhythm. My breast — rising
and falling with each gorgeously tormented
sound – each gentle nuance is like dancing atop
night’s glittering constellations, like waltzing
through the galaxy’s infinite dust of beauty,
heedlessly and magnificently bounding
from one star to the next.



In the Nude


I write the same way I shower – baring more
than the flaws of my soul. I let the water
rain down on me — washing away the day – the sin –
the pain – the dirt from life’s awful truth – it washes
down the drain —

I read the same way I sleep –
unclothed, uncovered, and unashamed –
In dreams of words and subconscious thoughts,
I learn about who I am and what I might become
if I let go of all my inauspicious fears.

I love the same way I vacuum the carpeted parlor –
I willingly throw myself forward –
you receive me, and I am happy — for a moment –
but once I’ve inhaled all the fragmented
pieces of your past, your pain, your failed attempts
with former lovers – after I suck them into my reserve
where your misery collides with my own —
once I’ve had my fill, I pull back into myself
and move on to a new section of dirty carpet…

And so, I write the same way I shower –
baring more than just my dingy, lint-filled soul.
I let the waters rain down — I let it penetrate my
hardened vulnerability, I let it wash the blood-stained
tears from my eyes, I let it cleanse me of my foolish dreams
and of your maladies, your malefactions — as the doldrums of
our shared, tortured heart flood the drain – leaving
and making us whole again.



I’ve been fighting with my inner demon as of late —
In my mind she’s made her home — nestled sweetly in my hate.
I tried to hush her time and again
but I’m too far gone living in night’s silent sin.
Her teeth scream my sorrows louder still —
I’m sorry! I’m sorry! was never enough
to make him stop or change his will.

I’m afraid of the dark —
it lives under my bed
I’m afraid of the silence —
clawing at my heart’s cage
I’m afraid of the monsters —
that leave more than their mark.
I’m afraid of the bones lining
the planks of my closet
pulling me down to
their darkest deposit.

I have a demon —
She won’t let up
She won’t give in;
She haunts my dreams
and fills my skin
with fear and hate.
Her clutch is fierce
I’ve lost my hope,
there’s no escape —