I have been affirmed of many things lately.
But, self-control isn’t one of them.
I can’t help myself. I mean,
I can’t help myself or fix myself alone.
Am I broken? Even concrete can crack,
metal can scratch, and diamonds can
be crushed. I used to think I was made
of the sternest stuff — like I was
unbreakable. Time reminds me that I am
wrong. My veil falls to the floor
only to reveal another —
uncovering those dark, haunted places
I’ve tried to lock away. But the words
keep falling out of my mouth, spilling
onto the pages, and washing
over your eyes. Am I broken?
No, but I am certainly not whole.


Just one of the many reasons I love to read…


This quote resinates with me. I have it proudly posted in my classroom and on one of my Pinterest boards. This is just one of the many reasons I stand by my blog’s title. Reading enables me to connect with humanity and take part in the global conversation of life without leaving the comfort of my cozy couch. I’m reading a new book that I absolutely love (I plan to write about it after I finish it. I was lucky enough to meet the author a few years back). My hope is that you too are reading something that reaches out and takes your hand in an assuring way that says, you truly are not alone.  

The Currents of My Heart and Other Such Metaphors

They say,
a woman’s love is deeper
than the darkest seas,
wider than the
outstretched horizon,
and sweeter than summer’s
gentle breeze.

If my love is an ocean,
it’s a turning tide.
The rip currents of my heart —
tumultuous, passionate, and wide —
pull forcefully from the breaking shore.
Swim into it and just ride
like a car spinning out of control,
turn the wheel toward the chaos
in order to seek release.
Dive deep into the rolling, crashing waves;
that’s where you’ll find me waiting
in shifting stillness and aggravated peace.

Lest you forget,
my love’s violent tendencies
engulf with ferocity
like an insatiable hurricane –
leaving only fragments
of passion’s sin in the wake.
But, push past the breakers,
(if you dare beyond wisdom’s qualm)
and you’ll find my serenity
the storm’s capricious eye –
magnificently bright but eerily calm.

Ebbing and flowing – my hearts
only consistency.
My Jekyll‘d heart Hydes my love
(even from me)
How could I expect you to see it
any differently?

pictures from my Sunday evening walk

As the eye of heaven bends itself to a reverential bow,
Pulling down to waters deep, veiled — kneeled.
Beauty bursts forth: colors of vibrancy avow
In reverberating shouts: “His majesty is revealed!”

I think what blows me away the most about these pictures (besides the fact that they were taken on my silly little phone) is that these are all from the SAME walk, which was about an hour long. I was walking back from the end of the pier and there was a sunset to my left and a rainbow to my right. I was overwhelmed with the beauty and majesty of God’s glorious creation.

My Blanket

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You’ve made a nice little home
in the quiet recesses
of my mind
and in the fragmented corners
of my heart.
I think I’ll keep you
there —
like a neatly folded blanket
I’ll wrap myself in you
when the nights get too dark
and the bed too cold.

Surcease of Sorrow


My heart is open and ready to live
With love as endless as the sky
The more of me you need,
The more I have to give.



I took this picture during my evening run last Saturday. Normally there aren’t so many clouds in the sky — it made for lower temps and higher humidity (something my hair doesn’t particularly care for, but no matter)…more importantly, it made for a nice view. Thanks for reading.



Calypso’s Calling


Come to me my love. Ulysses, hear my cry!
I’ll wait for you in our secret place –
Where the water meets the sky.


This picture was taken on my walk last night. The sky and the ocean were so gloriously beautiful last night, I wish I would have taken my real camera.